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          Nanoblocks are small building blocks which could best be described as mini-legos. Not only Nanoblock products fun but they are also the 2011-2012 new product of the year.  Nanoblocks are the perfect gift for the adult that still is a kid at heart.  Choose now from famous world landmarks to animals and much more!

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What are Nanoblocks?


NanoBlocks are the Lego set lost so long ago for every adult. Each Nanoblock is a fraction of the size of normal building blocks or Legos and as such it makes it perfect for the office.  They  are created in Japan and were named the  with the Informal Education Products 2011-2012 Product of the Year Award by Informal Education Products and the customers of the Mueseum Tour Catalog. 

Top 5 reasons to buy NanoBlocks using

* Perfect gift for adults of all ages as well as teenagers

* You can create your very own designs not just the planned sets!

* is U.S. based website for a mainly Japanese product

* We update our products weekly so that you can build your collection with the best new Nanoblocks.

* Finally a product that is not video game and will challenge your mind.


Our main goal is to show you the best that NanoBlocks have to offer

Re-live your childhood now by purchasing Nanoblocks and stop letting just the kids have the fun of using building blocks! Choose your favorite set today for the perfect fun decoration for your cubicle or office space.

Don't worry we won't tell anyone that you are still a child at heart.

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